Solar irradiance: disease prevention – sustainable mobility

Solar irradiance has important effects on the human body. Detecting a change in patterns can serve to prepare public administrations in disease prevention, mobility hour flow regulations and more.

Being able to predict solar irradiation patterns in certain areas can allow the application of appropriate public measures and stimulate the participation of private initiative.

For the assumption of this example, a mere sample demonstration from Belgium has been taken, but said analysis and system could be scaled and applied to any place in the world and with great granularity.

NOTE: For the purposes of this project, it should be understood that this is simply a demonstration development carried out for the sole purpose of this competition and that although the system is operational, obviously the set of data with which it has been fed is simply in an incipient state of preparation.

Source: Royal Observatori of Belgium (inspired by NREL National Solar Radiation Database ASDI:

Link to the video of the project:

Project in DevPost:

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