eHealthAI – Diari de Tarragona

Content de sortir entrevistat avui al Diari de Tarragona.

Contento de ser entrevistado hoy en el Diari de Tarragona.

Very pleased to be interviewed in the newspaper today.

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WebApp, go!

Ja està operativa (en demo) la versió WebApp del meu desenvolupament per #càncer de pell. Objectiu: prediagnòstic accessible a totes les persones des de qualsevol dispositiu, en qualsevol moment i lloc. Tot construït sobre #AWS. #ArtificialIntelligence

Ya está operativa (en demo) la versión WebApp de mi desarrollo para el #cáncer de piel. Objetivo: prediagnóstico accesible a todas las personas desde cualquier dispositivo, en cualquier momento y lugar. Todo construido sobre #AWS. #ArtificialIntelligence

The WebApp version of my development for skin #cancer is now operational (in demo). Objective: prediagnosis accessible to all people from any device, at any time and place. All built on #AWS. #ArtificialIntelligence


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Real vs Fake

Un petit joc, una de les imatges l’he creat amb intel·ligència artificial i la dona és sintètica, no existeix. L’altre correspon a la d’una persona real. Quina és la fake? #AI @OpenAI #dalle2


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eHealthAI Voice Assistant for Health

People of all ages want to be able to get personal assistance solutions from any device, anytime, anywhere.

With age, people have specific needs and it is very common that, after 55 years of age, many of these issues have to do with health.

Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle and having an adequate quality of life means being as independent as possible.

Increasingly more advanced ages are reached but there is a big difference between each person and each person has specific needs.

Faced with this reality, artificial intelligence systems and, in this case, especially those based on voice technologies, can be of great help, support and contribution to allow middle-aged and elderly people an easier, independent, active and organized life. who find in skills like Alexa Health Question an ally in their day to day.

Alexa Health Question (ehealthAI Voice Assistant for Health) is a simple Alexa skill developed in fully functional mode (but very limited and with merely demonstrative effects) for this “Amazon Alexa Skills Challenge: Aging & Engaging” competition on Devpost) .

The system is based entirely on the example ( and it has been used as it lays the foundations for developing and scaling a conversational system on health issues that both allow:

Ask Alexa health-related questions

Save health records in Alexa

Maintain a calendar of medication to be taken and medical visits

Request health recommendations from Alexa

Subscribe and buy health solutions through the application.


For the purposes of this competition, the skeleton, scheme and central structure of the example model have been maintained, since its scalability would correspond to more advanced bases of the development in question if it were to be commercialized, and for this reason this system is maintained. in its essential base but with two modifications and essential considerations:

One of the features that can be incorporated is that for people who, for example, suffer from Alzheimer’s and stop remembering their name, Alexa can respond to their request by indicating their name. This can bring relief to affected people, an improvement in their quality of life and a reduction in the stress suffered by the awareness of the disease.

And the most fundamental aspect that the development demo of this application has focused on is the incorporation of the AI functionality for the NLP provided by the new “Alexa Conversations”.

To integrate Alexa Conversations, an AMAZON.FallbackIntent has been added and an initial dialog has been generated for the demonstration (the entire application must be understood, in this state, as a mere demonstration and without any medical value) that could also be extended and scaled everything that was desired.

To understand who this project presents this modification to competition, this change is the essence of what he wants to demonstrate in this project:

The functionalities are important, but even more important is the quality of the user experience in their interaction with Alexa and even more so in older ages.

For this reason, feeding the artificial intelligence that Alexa is already with more artificial intelligence in order to provide it with an even greater and better understanding of the user can be transcendent for people and even more so for people with certain difficulties of use, either because of the age, due to degenerative diseases or other reasons that can make the course of a conversation even more unpredictable.

The ultimate goal is that whoever uses the system does not have to worry about how to speak to the system, how to speak to Alexa, that they can simply speak naturally to Alexa and that she is able to understand them in their context.

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My APIs with AWS in 5 steps

Explanation of the basic operation of the catalog of #ArtificialIntelligence APIs that I develop. All about #AWS infrastructure.

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GitHub Sponsors «Inflammatory Breast Cancer»

One of my main goals is to bring artificial intelligence for health closer to the entire population. For the development of the project «Inflammatory Breast Cancer» I open a line of sponsorship for those who may be interested.

GitHub Sponsors:

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Solar irradiance: disease prevention – sustainable mobility

Solar irradiance has important effects on the human body. Detecting a change in patterns can serve to prepare public administrations in disease prevention, mobility hour flow regulations and more.

Being able to predict solar irradiation patterns in certain areas can allow the application of appropriate public measures and stimulate the participation of private initiative.

For the assumption of this example, a mere sample demonstration from Belgium has been taken, but said analysis and system could be scaled and applied to any place in the world and with great granularity.

NOTE: For the purposes of this project, it should be understood that this is simply a demonstration development carried out for the sole purpose of this competition and that although the system is operational, obviously the set of data with which it has been fed is simply in an incipient state of preparation.

Source: Royal Observatori of Belgium (inspired by NREL National Solar Radiation Database ASDI:

Link to the video of the project:

Project in DevPost:

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Artificial Intelligence for Breast Cancer Detection with Ultrasound Echography

For #BreastCancer, ultrasound is highly reliable and is the best option in many cases. Ultrasound has advantages and weaknesses that can be improved by #ArtificialIntelligence. #healthcare #cancer

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Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative (ASDI) Global Hackathon

El canvi climàtic provoca grans canvis en l’agricultura. Terra amb falta de nutrients o falta d’aigua poden ser similars o no. Diferenciar-ho pot ser clau. Aquí presento el meu petit granet de sorra a hackató amb una solució #AI basada en #ML i visió per computador, per un cribratge ràpid i accessible de les plantacions.  

El cambio climático ocasiona grandes cambios en la agricultura. Suelo con falta de nutrientes o faltado de agua puede ser similar o no. Diferenciarlo puede ser clave. Aquí presento mi pequeño grano de arena en hackathon con una solución #IA, basada en ML y visión por computador, para un cribaje rápido y accesible de las plantaciones.  

Climate change causes big changes in agriculture. Soil lacking in nutrients or lacking in water may or may not be similar. Differentiating it can be key. Here I present my little grain of sand in hackathon with an #AI solution, based on ML and computer vision, for a fast and accessible screening of plantations.



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Video AWS Community

Content de sortir al nou vídeo #AWScommunity! / ¡Contento de aparecer en el nuevo video! / Happy to appear in the new video @awscommunity! #AWS #Cybersecurity #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #ComputerVision

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